Making Time for a Personal Retreat

Ahhhh, the holidays. They’re glorious things. Hopefully you took some time to recharge, reenergize, and relax (and maybe not write blog posts). Taking a holiday—no matter the date on the calendar—to get away from the daily grind shouldn’t be seen as a luxury for a business owner, or anyone else for that matter. It’s essential.


Even the smallest of tasks started to feel like a mountain.

That’s when I knew something was wrong. I was staring burnout right in the face. Its beady eyes were glaring at me, and I was stubbornly avoiding its gaze.

My husband actually was the one to force the issue. You could say he was being kind and supportive, or maybe he was just tired of my irritability and lethargy. Either way, he freed me up to go on a little personal retreat at a local bed and breakfast.

The thought of taking two days away from my business and my family made me nervous and feel guilty. I had mountains of deadlines, and shouldn’t I be spending any free time with my husband and the kids?

But off I went to the for a two-day retreat. I packed comfy clothes, a few books, and plenty of indulgent snacks, of course. (A bottle of cabernet may or may not have made its way into my bag as well.)

The place was delightful—a charming B&B complete with lawn chairs nestled amongst the trees, a yoga studio, and a gorgeous dining room. The owners had mastered the art of being accommodating with just the right amount of distance. And don’t even get me started on the gourmet breakfasts. They were heaven.

I spent my time there writing, doing some business and life planning, reading on the sunny patio, and just being still for a change. It felt awkward at first, honestly, but I settled into a peaceful rhythm pretty quickly. I shut my phone off most of the time and only cracked open the MacBook to write.

I left the retreat with only one regret: that I had waited too long to do it in the first place. If you haven’t made time to do this, you must. You won’t be sorry. And if you’re local to the Indy area, I highly recommend the Prairie Guest House in Fishers.

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